Most of the running costs of the Community Centre have to be met by the letting charges. We do get a small grant from the City Council towards our staffing expenses. This explains why we are unable to provide full time staff during events etc. unlike other Community Centres which are run by the local Council. In fact we rely heavily on the work of volunteers and the help by users of the Community Centre caring for the premises and cleaning up after themselves. From time to time we get grants from local councils to fund major improvements. We do what we can to keep the letting charges at an affordable level and want to see the Community Centre used as much as possible.
The Community Centre is run by the Arbury Community Association which is a registered charity. The General Committee of the Association are the Trustees of the charity and the Management Committee of the Community Centre. Arboretum Cafe Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Arbury Community Association and all profits are donated to the Association. The Arbury Tavern is part of the Arborteum Cafe Ltd.

Registered Charity 300370

Trustees of the Arbury Community Association
John Robertshaw (Chair)
Jo Richards (Vice-Chair)
Alan Levy 
Anne Taylor 
Graham Beynon
Julie Cole 
Mike Todd-Jones
Graham Cox
Balan Sisupalan
Jim Plenty

Community Centre Staff
Cathie Martindale (Administrator)
Alan Soer (Centre Manager)
Sam Nightingale (Caretaker/Cleaner)
Ian Reader (Caretaker/Cleaner)
Joce Grant (Finance Assistant)

Arboretum Cafe Ltd 
(Company for Cafe and Tavern)
Betty Burchell (Director)
Jason Soer (Director)
Alan Levy (Director, Company Secretary)
Julie Cole (Director, Chair)
Paul Richards(Director) 

Arboretum Cafe
Dawn Spring
Niki Creek

Arbury Tavern
Julia Cole (Licencee)
Jason Soer (Licencee)
Melanie Blades (Bar Staff)