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Large Hall

The Large Hall is ideal for larger meetings, conferences and parties with around 100 people. It will take up to 200 people seated in rows - fire regulations permit a maximum of 250. It has a high quality wooden block floor suitable for dancing. It is a popular venue for wedding receptions etc. The Arbury Tavern (bar) may also be booked.

The hall has full curtains enabling it to be darkened (eg for presentations) during the day.

The hall has a hatch from the User Kitchen which may also be booked with the Large Hall at a nominal rent. Toilets (male, female and disabled) are easily accessible through the foyer area. Air conditioning is available during the summer months. There is a stage area with curtains at one end of the Large Hall.

Music and discos are permitted but the fire doors may not be opened when there is amplified music.

There is access for delivery through fire doors from the delivery area but vehicles should be moved to the public car park after delivery to leave access for disabled users and emergency services.

After use, users should tidy and restack furniture as requested, sweep the floor and wipe surfaces etc.

Dimensions - main floor area 12m x 16m
Stage - 3m x 7 m
120 Stacking Chairs

40 Stacking Tables 600mm x 1200mm (2ft x 4ft)
Brush, mop, dustpan